Selenis Composite, designs and produces modular FRP buildings suitable for industrial use. We produce practical and permanent solutions for outdoor equipment storage needs in many areas such as;

  • Electricity transformer enclosure
  • Water treatment station housing
  • GSM / Telecom housing
  • Oil / Gas Station housing
  • Generators / Power Supply Room
  • Monitoring & Control room

Unlike conventional structures, Selenis Industrial Modular Buildings provides full protection for your equipments with its high UV resistance, maintenance free , weatherproof and ant-Vandal features.

Modular Construction

Selenis modular buildings can be designed and produced in accordance with requested size. Its modular design and robust, weather and vandal resistant FRP panels offer flexibility as well as future expansion, enabling customers to grow their storage alongside their business needs.

The delivery of buildings can be optionally demounted which provides an effective solution for transportation. Modularity of the building also enables your impractical and waste outdoor spaces to be more functional As an option, two of three meter width and multiple of one meter depths provides an opportunity to customers a large number of alternatives for placing their equipment.

Technical Specifications

Product Content